The Ultimate Bugaboo Frog Review


Any parent would know how much a stroller is useful, be it a neighbour next door or a celebrity. That is why; it is an indispensable part of anyone who has a little child to manage. When it comes to strollers, Bugaboo is one brand that has been in the forefront since some time. They have many types of strollers, of which the Bugaboo frog stroller is a notch above the rest.

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A preview of Bugaboo Frog

A look at it, and it definitely looks different. It has a frog-like suspension, hence the name. It helps to navigate the stroller even along bumpy surfaces. There are also adaptors for car seat. That means it can be easily fit into the car seat, thus taking care of long car journeys as well.

The Bugaboo frog fits right for your baby

There are many useful features, one of which is the reversible seat, which makes it possible for you to seat your child facing you or the other side. The handlebar is also adjustable and you can select those wheels which you want to lead. For taking a stroll on the roads in your city home, the smaller wheels can be positioned to the front area but if you are holidaying in countryside, the larger wheels need to be positioned in front as it will make navigation easier on such uneven surfaces. Also, since the wheels on Bugaboo Frog aren’t filled with air but with foam, you can be assured of never having to face flat tires.

Another advantage of Bugaboo Frog is that its fabric is washable and that means, if your baby urinates or poops on it, you do not have to worry about throwing it away. You can wash and reuse. The three positions of the seat are very handy to children up to 4 years. One is the flat position which is convenient for babies up to a year old, then, there is the reclining position and the sitting position which is necessary for older babies. Other accessories are a sun shade which is pretty much large and able to cover well and a mosquito net. It also comes with a DVD that contains instructions on how to use the stroller, which is very useful and a good addition. You also get a maintenance kit as well with it.


A disadvantage about it has to be that it has seat only for one baby. That means those with twins or two babies of different ages, then this stroller wouldn’t be of much use or they would have to buy two.


Overall, the Bugaboo Frog stroller is functional, long lasting and comfortable. You will be able to use the stroller at least till your child is 4 years old. After that, you can even use it for your second baby as well.

Another point about the Bugaboo Frog is that it was featured in the famous TV show, ‘Sex and the City’ which was about glamour and branded quality products. So, that’s another feather on the cap for Bugaboo stroller.