Jeep Diaper Bag overview

For those with babies, traveling can be quite tricky as some tend to carry multiple bags or an inconvenient large bag to carry baby’s stuff. It is necessary to be prepared for a baby needs and thus, there are quite a lot baby’s things such as medicines, extra pair of clothes, lotions, baby food, feeding bottle, etc., that need to be carried. That is why, a bag like the Jeep Diaper bag comes handy as it is extremely well designed to carry all types of things for the baby and yet be organized.

Features that are practical

There are 12 pockets in addition to the spacious compartment. This design is convenient as different items can be organized well and there is no clutter inside the bag. It also means, as and when you need them, you can reach the things easily. The bag thus has enough storage spaces fit for at least two babies. There is a special packet that is insulated so that the milk bottle can be kept warm for a longer period. This is very useful as even while you are travelling, you can ensure that your baby gets warm milk to drink.

As opposed to several current diaper bags, you can find simple, no frills colors.  Make sure you do your best to keep on breastfeeding –


The Jeep Diaper Bag reaches to you when you need it

There is another pocket to keep baby wipes. This is important because it really becomes necessary to wipe anything off from the baby’s face or body anytime and having a designated pocket for it means, you do not have to search it when needed. There is a button that needs to be pushed and you can access the wipes.

Also, since it is a backpack, you can ensure your hands are free so that you can carry your baby conveniently. It also comes with loops so that if you want to attach it your baby’s stroller, you can do so.  It’s really important when traveling with babies.

Ease of use and comfortable to carry around

The straps are padded and can be adjusted to any length which makes it easy to carry around. It is made from polyester which means you can wash it. Also, if you encounter any spills, you can wipe it clean using a wet cloth.  It is also made in light colors which make it easy to spot things inside the main compartment.



It is safe to say that the Jeep Diaper Bag is quite convenient to use. There are some cons as well, like the zip, which doesn’t look that strong and needs to be handled carefully. Also, it would have helped if the main interior compartment had a couple of divisions at least. It would have helped in better organization. But the availability of 12 pockets does seem to be a good idea. It is quite durable as polyester does not wear out quickly. At the same time, it does depend on how you take care of the bag. All in all, it is a good purchase. It will be especially handy for new parents as they will be able to organize all of baby’s things well in the bag, so that neither the baby nor the parents will have to panic when milk bottle, medicines, wraps or creams are needed.

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