Hairfinity vs Viviscal

A real problem for most women and men happens to be hair loss and it can happen for just about any reason. There are hereditary issues while others are having hair loss due to poor nutrition, age, stress, hormones, and so much more. You can even have hair loss because of the ways that you style your hair such as using too much hair product or using extreme heat like blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons.

Good news is that there are hair supplements that contain special formulas and vitamins that will help you gain good health not just for your body but for your hair as well. If you are healthy, then your hair will be able to really grow and be just as healthy.

Most of the hair vitamins that are one the market right now will have a few common ingredients mostly certain vitamins like Vitamin D and C, Biotin, Niacin and more. But, they will also have a special blend of ingredients that are only found in that brand. This goes for most hair vitamins and that means that Viviscal and Hairfinity are not on the exceptions list. So let’s cover the differences.



Price isn’t everything but it does matter.  I’ve got a list of updated and working Hairfinity coupons here so that if you decide to purchase it, you can save some money.  I’ve also reviewed Hairfinity.

What are the Ingredients?

The main ingredient for Viviscal happens to be AminoMar, which is basically a protein that is found in marine animals. What that means is that it is made from seafood, fish, and other sea creatures mostly shark fin. This supplement also has vitamins like Niacin, Biotin, and Vitamin C, which are all important for growing your hair. According to Viviscal, all of their ingredients only come from sustainable and natural sources, so there is nothing to worry about when it comes to chemicals or drugs in the product.

Hairfinity - back of bottle

When it comes to Hairfinity, their main ingredient is called Capilsana. This formula has over 18 amino acids, MSM, and silica, as well as a hydrolyzed collagen. This formula helps to increase collagen and keratin in your hair. There is also Biotin and Niacin as well as Vitamins D, A, and C. This is also an all-natural product.

What are the Side Effects?

Even though Viviscal is supposed to be all natural, it does have some side effects. Many people have reported that they have dealt with excruciating headaches, and nausea while using it. Plus, if you are allergic to any type of seafood, and you take this product, you could be dealing with severe allergic reactions.

When it comes to Hairfinity, most people have no side effects at all. The only ones that they have noticed are the improvements in hair and skin. But, this supplement is recommended to be took for only 90 days and no more than that.

Basically when it comes down to it, Hairfinity has a lower price point, less harmful ingredients, vegetarian friendly and more. It will help to grow your hair and since there isn’t any need for a prescription, you don’t have to worry about any trips to the doctor.


I’m FINALLY Ready to Talk About Hairfinity. Does It Really Live Up to the Hype?


Hair care tips

Having pretty hair can add various traits to a person’s personality by being a natural thing of beauty. After all, attractive hair styles can be the difference in the average person and ‘eye candy’, but if you got dandruff going on you’re getting looks for the wrong reason. Don’t worry, there are ways to avoid this, keep reading. Below are natural ways to care for your hair so you get all the looks, in a good way.

Having a nutritious diet

Did you know that one of the biggest ways you can care for your hair is to have a diet that is nutritious? This includes drinking plenty of water and consuming protein. For instance, meat and lentils are great sources. Green leafed vegetables promote hair growth as it contains Vitamin A. Cod liver oil and carrots are good too.  If you’re not getting everything you need from your diet you should consider supplementing your diet with vitamins.  Hairfinity is a great brand.  I’ve reviewed them here and you can also use Hairfinity coupons.

Avoid hair style products

Although sold for the purpose of styling hair, these type of products should be avoided as they often contain harsh chemicals that only harm hair growth in the long-term. If you must use them, it’s a good idea to use them on rare occasions.

Aloe Vera for adding shine and volume

Aloe Vera is not just for soothing burns, it can also be used to enhance your hair and give it a new feel. You simply apply small amounts to your hair rather than hair conditioner. It comes in a gel, allow it to remain on your hair for a couple minutes and then rinse out. Frequent use will lead to benefits to your hair. Another option is to create a hair mask with aloe vera and let it sit for half an hour before rinsing.

Avoid oily hair

It may seem like common sense, but you may be surprised how often people go without actually washing their hair. This can lead to a buildup of oil on the scalp, dandruff, and dirt as well. However, it’s not recommended to wash it daily as the hair does have natural oils that promote hair growth. Everyone has their own balance; this could be a few days or a week.

Choosing the correct shampoo/conditioner

With an entire aisle dedicated to shampoo and conditioner products in just about every store, it can be challenging to choose. The best way to decide if the product is the best one for you is simply by trying it out for a certain period of time, say a couple weeks. Pay attention to what you need it to do, does it improve your hair, make it worse, or no change at all? Find the combination that’s best for you, then stick with it.

Overall, the best thing to do is start out using the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. From there, don’t over wash your hair, but keep it washed regularly. If you still need extra care, switch your conditioner for aloe vera or do a hair mask each week. This can lead to many added benefits.

Hairfinity side effects

Everything comes at a cost and Hairfinity is no different because it has some side effects.  There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

The top 10 Hairfinity side effects

  1. Believe it or not, hair Loss although it’s only temporary
  2. Some experience digestive issues
  3. Increased appetite for the bedroom
  4. Urinary issues – some experience a burning sensation.  If that’s the case stop using them
  5. Appetite – It might fluctuate more than you’re used to
  6. Metabolic – It might fluctuate more than you’re used to

So if you still want the product check our my Hairfinity review and make sure to use working Hairfinity coupons to get a discount.

Hairfinity and its safety: Do they have any side effects?

Haircare is a common concern today with the rise in pollution levels in the environment and stress levels associated with work. Our busy lives gives us very little or no time at all to consider the basic factors that are related to our well-being. Hair loss and unhealthy hair which is rough, frizzy and highly damaged are some of the common problems related to hair and its health. Hair health is important and giving it the right kind of nutrition would enhance not just its health but also its appearance in terms of texture and thickness. Hairfinity pills work from within to nourish the hair from roots such that the results are visibly seen and physically experienced by the users.


Natural ingredients ensures safety of a product

Whenever a new product enters a market, it boasts of rare ingredients but often fails to give good results when used. Moreover side effects are something that you cannot risk for. Hairfinity is quite clear about the ingredients present in the pills which mainly constitutes of biotin which is very good for the hair health.

Vitamin A, C, D, B complex, capilsana complex, hydrolyzed collagen, horsetail are some of the other components of Hairfinity pills apart from biotin. As these are vitamins that nourish our hair, there are no probable side effects.

Acne a side effect of Hairfinity?

When you increase the concentration of biotin in your daily diet by taking Hairfinity, make sure that you drink plenty of water to avoid acne. Drinking around six to seven liters of water every day is required for good health in general.

Unlike other products available in the market, Hairfinity is rich in nutrients and improves the condition of your hair by natural means. Hence it is safer to take them without consulting your health care provider.

Hairfinity - back of bottle

FDA approved ingredients that amplifies the product’s safety

As Hairfnity is a dietary supplement and is drug free, it is compliance with FDA standards which ensures the safety of the product. Hence you can be best assured that the product does not cause any side effects. Once you are happy with the results provided by the product, you can discontinue it. There are no reported side effects after discontinuing Hairfinity.

The best part about Hairfinity which ensures its safety is the fact that it is manufactured in FDA approved facilities. As it is a completely drug free and natural, it passes FDA standards and hence safe for use.

Ensure the safety of your hair follicles with Hairfinity

Hairfinity strengthens your already present hair follicles which enhances the thickness of your hair. Beautify your hair from within by using Hairfinity a natural product rich in vitamins and biotin. When there are no harmful chemicals and the vitamins are overall good for your health then you can opt for it without any major concerns. The Hairfinity products are readily available online. Once you use the product, you can always discontinue its usage when you gain satisfactory results. Thus, Ensure the safety of your hair follicles with Hairfinity!


Hairfinity – Healthier Hair From the Inside Out



Hairfinity coupons

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Hairfinity the magic formula for hair gain

Hair and its care are often neglected and many give it a thought only when they start losing it. Haircare is very important but with a busy lifestyle and inadequate nutrients, hair faces a lot of physical damage like split ends, rough texture, frizzy nature and other conditions. Proper nutrition to the hair will help your hair grow healthy and shiny and you will not have hair loss. Hairfinity pills provide your hair that nutrition to strengthen your hair from roots.

Hairfinity - front of bottle

Gain healthy hair naturally: Healthy hair is beautiful hair

Proper hair nourishment will not only enhance your hair health but amplify its appeal with natural thickness, shine and texture. It is a process that would give you slow but sure results. Thus using the product regularly to gain desired effects is very important.

Hairfinity - back of bottle

There are many drugs in the market that promise hair growth which are indeed very harmful and cause many side effects like headache, nausea, weight gain, depression, etc. Hairfinity however is a natural product containing vitamins and nutrients that cause no harm. All the components present in the pills are approved by FDA as well which accentuates the products safety.

Lasting results with Hairfinity

Haifinity provides good results as these results are from within where the hair roots are strengthened promoting hair growth. It is different from other products which give superficial results for a limited period of time. Using hairfinity will help you achieve healthy and beautiful hair from within and not just superficially.

Hairfinity - in hand

Some of the active ingredients found in Hairfinity are biotin, Vitamin A, ascorbic acid, calcium carbonate, Thiamin HCI, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, Capilsana complex and vitamin B12. Biotin is the magic formula for healthy hair and is the main ingredient of these haircare pills.

Biotin and Capilsana complex are Hairfinity’s potent ingredients

Capilsana complex is a combination of eighteen amino acids which are essential for protein synthesis. Proteins are very important for healthy hair and determine the texture and strength of your hair. Thus more the proteins more lustrous and healthy your hair gets.


There are no side effects reported where hairfinity usage is concerned. However, as with other forms of dietary supplements, it is important to increase your everyday water intake to avoid problems like acne and mood swings. Biotin is a water soluble substance which makes intake of water important for hair to absorb biotin.

Nourish your hair from within for everlasting beautiful hair

When you use Hairfinity pills and products you will definitely notice changes in your hair like increase in length, decreased hair fall, improved texture of your hair and a lot more. It is not a superficial product that gives you results only when you use it and the effects wearing off when you wash your hair. It nourishes your hair from within which helps you have beautiful hair for a long run.  Being able to use a coupon code makes it even better!



You can easily buy these products online. Once you proceed with using the product make sure that you follow the instructions and dosage recommended for optimum results.  The cost is around $25 a month so it’s not exactly cheap so you should make sure you use one of the coupon codes above.




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Only the best Hairfinity reviews

Hairfinity is a pill based product that you take for your hair growth problems. It’s marketed by the company Brock Beauty. To have healthy hair, your body needs the right nutrients and if you don’t get them you’ll experience hair problems as a direct result. If you lack the proper vitamins and minerals, the Hairfinity product can help you get back your natural healthy hair. Our currently food supply is lacking some of the vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantities that our body needs for healthy hair so you need a good supplement to replace these vital nutrients.


Hairfinity - front of bottle

On to the review

What does Hairfinity claim?

Hairfinity claims that it will help improve your hair. It’s a treatment that is meant to be taken long-term. Most products which help the hair such as creams, lotions and shampoos are only temporary as they wash away the next time you shower. The Hairfinity product is an internal supplement designed to give you the nutrients the body needs for healthy looking hair. Hairfinity works from the root of the problem which is a lack of nutrients it doesn’t just cover up the problem temporarily with a cream or another compound.

The company says that the formula will help hair grow. The nutrients supply the body and this helps to nourish the hair. Over the course of a month you should expect about ¾-1 inch of hair growth whereas the normal hair growth is about ½ inch per month. The ingredients list is all natural and drug-free The supplement is claimed by the company to be manufactured in a FDA certified facility. It’s recommend that users take the 2 pills per day for the best results.

A 90-day study by the company showed that hair grew about 4.45 cm over the course of the study and that six fewer hairs were shed per day after taking the recommended dosage of the pills. Three inches of growth would be seen over the course of a year if the pills were taken for that length of time.  If you do decide to purchase Hairfinity, make sure you use a Hairfinity coupon.

Make sure you have healthy hair –


Hairfinity - back of bottle



My Epic Review

I’m a cynic, I didn’t think these vitamins could cure help me but after trying for 6 months, that’s how long it really takes to get your insides right, I saw great results

Hairfinity - in hand

Pros of hairfinity

  • Takes a unique approach to hair problems as it treats the issue from the inside out and doesn’t just mask the issue
  • Contains many healthy vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, D3, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, calcium, folic acid, biotin, pantothenic acid, and the Capilsana Complex Proprietary Blend
  • The Capilsana Complex Proprietary Blend features 18 amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. The hair needs protein to be strong and healthy. These acids work together with the other ingredients to give you healthy hair growth
  • No real adverse side effects with the pills unless you take too many of them (just follow directions) Some have reported a mild rash or an acne breakout as well as a headache
  • The company offers a 30-day refund

You’ve got to understand hair loss.

Cons of Hairfinity

  • You need to take the pills every day to ensure that your body is getting enough nutrients for your hair. If you miss a day, then it will take longer to get healthy hair again
  • It can take a significant amount of time to get healthy hair as it’s a product that doesn’t work fast. If you need quick results you won’t get them with this product. It can cost up to $50 per month for this product
  • Since you need to take pills for a long time, the costs can be prohibitive for some people
  • Results can vary. May not work for everyone with hair problems. Consult a doctor for your individual issue


Product review – the Husqvarna hatchet

Many of my readers won’t know this but I’m actually a survivalist.  I love all things survival, whether they be survival axes or survival machetes.  This little Husqvarna hatchet has a two-pound Scandinavian style part head that is hand made in Sweden.

There many tools that you need in your survival kit and a hatchet is definitely one of them. It is necessary to get a good quality hatchet if you really want it to be purposeful when you need it. There are quite a few hatchets available but one of the most popular ones is the Husqvarna hatchet.  Other awesome axe brands are and

Husqvarna hatchet is a fit for your survival kit

First, it has a good weight and its length is also just 15 inches, which means it is easy to handle. Good weight means though the hatchet can be considered to be heavy as it weighs over 2 lbs but the weight is actually useful when it comes to splitting heavy wood. At the same time, it is light enough to be carried and can be fit easily in the equipment belt.

The handle and the head are designed in such a way that it is easy to use and hence it can be handled well by all.  Let us take a look at its each part.

The handle of Husqvarna hatchet

The main feature of the hatchet is that it has a good grain and it is larger when compared to the previous models. It is also thicker now. The handle is very convenient to use and it gives a good grip. The hickory handle of Husqvarna hatchet lends it an ergonomic advantage.

The head of the hatchet

The head is designed very well, and has a great shape. With a good curvature, the head gets a good balance. Being made from Swedish steel, it is very sharp as well. It is semi-soft steel with excellent high carbon. The advantage of soft steel is that even while doing heavy chopping, it remains together and does not shatter. There is a wooden shim attached to the head. Another advantage of the Swedish steel, that it lends a kind of industrial strength to the hatchet which means it is pretty durable.

Other features

The Husqvarna hatchet comes covered in a leather sheath. It makes it convenient to store the hatchet. But there is no strap that can hold the hatchet within the sheath and that’s why it tends to fall off. It is wider which means it is very handy for split kindling. Apart from using it for cutting and chopping, the hatchet can also be used for carving.


In terms of design and quality, the Husqvarna hatchet is pretty good and it can also last for a long time. That is, even after you handle it roughly and undertake all the laborious tasks with the hatchet, you can be assured that the hatchet will remain the way it is. The drawback is that there should have been a better sheath or at least a strap should have been there to hold the sheath. Overall, the Husqvarna hatchet will remain a good and handy item in your survival kit. Since the main features of a good hatchet has to be a sharp head and a convenient handle, the Husqvarna hatchet does fulfill these two main criteria


Jeep Diaper Bag overview

For those with babies, traveling can be quite tricky as some tend to carry multiple bags or an inconvenient large bag to carry baby’s stuff. It is necessary to be prepared for a baby needs and thus, there are quite a lot baby’s things such as medicines, extra pair of clothes, lotions, baby food, feeding bottle, etc., that need to be carried. That is why, a bag like the Jeep Diaper bag comes handy as it is extremely well designed to carry all types of things for the baby and yet be organized.

Features that are practical

There are 12 pockets in addition to the spacious compartment. This design is convenient as different items can be organized well and there is no clutter inside the bag. It also means, as and when you need them, you can reach the things easily. The bag thus has enough storage spaces fit for at least two babies. There is a special packet that is insulated so that the milk bottle can be kept warm for a longer period. This is very useful as even while you are travelling, you can ensure that your baby gets warm milk to drink.

As opposed to several current diaper bags, you can find simple, no frills colors.  Make sure you do your best to keep on breastfeeding –


The Jeep Diaper Bag reaches to you when you need it

There is another pocket to keep baby wipes. This is important because it really becomes necessary to wipe anything off from the baby’s face or body anytime and having a designated pocket for it means, you do not have to search it when needed. There is a button that needs to be pushed and you can access the wipes.

Also, since it is a backpack, you can ensure your hands are free so that you can carry your baby conveniently. It also comes with loops so that if you want to attach it your baby’s stroller, you can do so.  It’s really important when traveling with babies.

Ease of use and comfortable to carry around

The straps are padded and can be adjusted to any length which makes it easy to carry around. It is made from polyester which means you can wash it. Also, if you encounter any spills, you can wipe it clean using a wet cloth.  It is also made in light colors which make it easy to spot things inside the main compartment.



It is safe to say that the Jeep Diaper Bag is quite convenient to use. There are some cons as well, like the zip, which doesn’t look that strong and needs to be handled carefully. Also, it would have helped if the main interior compartment had a couple of divisions at least. It would have helped in better organization. But the availability of 12 pockets does seem to be a good idea. It is quite durable as polyester does not wear out quickly. At the same time, it does depend on how you take care of the bag. All in all, it is a good purchase. It will be especially handy for new parents as they will be able to organize all of baby’s things well in the bag, so that neither the baby nor the parents will have to panic when milk bottle, medicines, wraps or creams are needed.

Make sure you keep on looking great – when you’re on your shoperation.  Some really cool stuff here.  Check out and


The Ultimate Bugaboo Frog Review


Any parent would know how much a stroller is useful, be it a neighbour next door or a celebrity. That is why; it is an indispensable part of anyone who has a little child to manage. When it comes to strollers, Bugaboo is one brand that has been in the forefront since some time. They have many types of strollers, of which the Bugaboo frog stroller is a notch above the rest.

My main source of information came from

A preview of Bugaboo Frog

A look at it, and it definitely looks different. It has a frog-like suspension, hence the name. It helps to navigate the stroller even along bumpy surfaces. There are also adaptors for car seat. That means it can be easily fit into the car seat, thus taking care of long car journeys as well.

The Bugaboo frog fits right for your baby

There are many useful features, one of which is the reversible seat, which makes it possible for you to seat your child facing you or the other side. The handlebar is also adjustable and you can select those wheels which you want to lead. For taking a stroll on the roads in your city home, the smaller wheels can be positioned to the front area but if you are holidaying in countryside, the larger wheels need to be positioned in front as it will make navigation easier on such uneven surfaces. Also, since the wheels on Bugaboo Frog aren’t filled with air but with foam, you can be assured of never having to face flat tires.

Another advantage of Bugaboo Frog is that its fabric is washable and that means, if your baby urinates or poops on it, you do not have to worry about throwing it away. You can wash and reuse. The three positions of the seat are very handy to children up to 4 years. One is the flat position which is convenient for babies up to a year old, then, there is the reclining position and the sitting position which is necessary for older babies. Other accessories are a sun shade which is pretty much large and able to cover well and a mosquito net. It also comes with a DVD that contains instructions on how to use the stroller, which is very useful and a good addition. You also get a maintenance kit as well with it.


A disadvantage about it has to be that it has seat only for one baby. That means those with twins or two babies of different ages, then this stroller wouldn’t be of much use or they would have to buy two.


Overall, the Bugaboo Frog stroller is functional, long lasting and comfortable. You will be able to use the stroller at least till your child is 4 years old. After that, you can even use it for your second baby as well.

Another point about the Bugaboo Frog is that it was featured in the famous TV show, ‘Sex and the City’ which was about glamour and branded quality products. So, that’s another feather on the cap for Bugaboo stroller.